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We offer a simple solution to a problem that can have a big impact on maintenance resources: measuring the depth of surface damage to determine severity, repairability, and airworthiness.

Don’t let a scratch keep you on the ground. Our Optical Depth Micrometer is a handheld inspection microscope that takes on-the-spot measurements of the depth of surface markings. The capability reduces AOG and part replacement costs by readily identifying parts that are within repairable limits and saving them from the scrap pile.

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8400 Optical Depth Micrometer

Customer Focus: LA County Fire

J Chadwick Co is immensely proud that our products are helping the team at LACFD Air Operations maintain their fleet and ensure readiness for their critical mission. Here in Southern California, we live with the almost constant threat of devastating wildfires. LACFD has an outstanding and beyond well-deserved reputation as an elite public safety operator. We are so thankful for Brain Uhl and the entire team at LACFD Air Operations for the amazing and essential work they do everyday to keep LA County safe.

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