Model 8400 Digital Optical

Model 8400 Digital Optical Micrometer

When it comes to surface damage, small problems have a big impact on maintenance resources.

Inadequate tooling can produce false and misleading measurement results. Eliminating guesswork from the dispositioning process saves resources by identifying parts that can safely be repaired and returned to service, avoiding needless replacement costs.

The Problem with Pit Gages

The Optical Micrometer can be used as a hand-held device or on a lab stand. It works on on flat and curved surfaces and all materials and finishes, including composites and transparencies.

Measure the depth of scratches, chips, burrs, piting, chattering, scribe lines, engraving, markings and more.

Applications and Case Studies

How It Works

The Optical Micrometer uses focus to measure depth, or the vertical distance between two points.

To start, establish a starting reference point, or “zero point”, for the measurment by focusing on the surface directly next to the damaged area (Surface A). Once in focus, press a button to zero the digital display.

Next, focus on the very bottom of the damaged area (Surface B), and record the depth of the damage from the digital display.

Technical Info