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Product Line


8400 Optical Depth Micrometer

The Optical Depth Micrometer is a portable visual inspection microscope designed to make quick, accurate and repeatable measurements of the depth of small surface features, like pits and scratches or part markings.

5500 Micrometer Lab Stand

The Lab Stand was designed for situations where the subject’s surface geometry prevents using the hand-held Micrometer on a standard base. Brackets with complex shapes are a good example of this problem.


Surface Replication

Microset compounds are used to create high resolution replicas of a surface, providing a quick and easy way to make precise measurements on inaccessible surfaces, like inside diameters, corners and concave areas.


Eyepiece Camera

The Dino-Eye Edge (AM7025X) eyepiece camera connects to a laptop or tablet for electronic inspection records with detailed annotations and high-resolution images.